In memory of a wonderful cat

Pixel came into my life as a little kitten in 1996..   it was at a bus stop in Port Coquitlam..

Years earlier I use to “have” a cat, of course  I was much younger and she lived at my mother’s home.  So not really my cat.

I was on my way home from a real job interview, it was for the phone company as a junior engineer,  that is when Pixel found me.

Next day I got the job..

Well fast forward to last Friday night/sat morning  Jan 12th..    I came home from a night out with a friend to find she has passed away.

I plan to fill this blog with the memories of her

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Audio Blogs about Pixel



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Took a while to settle in my head what I should do with Pixel.

I really don’t have a home, just places I rent.

So what to do with her..

My father offered to let me bury her on his property.  It’s too cold/snowy out here in MA to bury her.  So for now she is in a wooden box in my freezer.  At least I have had enough of a morbid sense of humor to make Schrödinger’s cat jokes, compounded by the kid safe light in the fridge…

So anyway.   The final plan is once it gets warmer, to bury Pixel at my father’s.   Since he in future may sell the house, we will place a nice bush or tree on top of her so that it is less likely a new owner will dissenter her some day.   Also ordered for her a grave stone, it arrived a little while ago.


I don’t think I will stop missing her..  she was such a part of my life for last 17 years, yeah about 1/2 my life


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A few Pictures


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missing that cat

As I walk around my apt , I find my self automatically checking spots were Pixel would hang out..

My worse emotional hit will happen when I come home and call out for her.. then realize she is not there any more

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Pixel and the Snake

Many years ago I used to live in apt complex in Lowell.

She used to be an out door cat at the time,  and next to the apt was a wooded pond area.


One Saturday morning I get a tap on my sliding glass door.  It was one of the neighborhood women, asking if  <pointing out into parking lot> that was my cat..

There was Pixel in the middle of parking lot..   Dancing like a mongoose around a large snake!

It was about 4 feet long curled up trying to defend it’s self from Pixel, who was trying to bring it to the apt.

To the horror of the neighborhood women watching, I walked up to the snake, seeing it was not a dangerous type, I picked it up…

With a snake around one arm.. and Pixel in the other, I went into apt, locking Pixel inside.. then back out to the wooded area.

and let the snake go.

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