Took a while to settle in my head what I should do with Pixel.

I really don’t have a home, just places I rent.

So what to do with her..

My father offered to let me bury her on his property.  It’s too cold/snowy out here in MA to bury her.  So for now she is in a wooden box in my freezer.  At least I have had enough of a morbid sense of humor to make Schrödinger’s cat jokes, compounded by the kid safe light in the fridge…

So anyway.   The final plan is once it gets warmer, to bury Pixel at my father’s.   Since he in future may sell the house, we will place a nice bush or tree on top of her so that it is less likely a new owner will dissenter her some day.   Also ordered for her a grave stone, it arrived a little while ago.


I don’t think I will stop missing her..  she was such a part of my life for last 17 years, yeah about 1/2 my life


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