Pixel and the Snake

Many years ago I used to live in apt complex in Lowell.

She used to be an out door cat at the time,  and next to the apt was a wooded pond area.


One Saturday morning I get a tap on my sliding glass door.  It was one of the neighborhood women, asking if  <pointing out into parking lot> that was my cat..

There was Pixel in the middle of parking lot..   Dancing like a mongoose around a large snake!

It was about 4 feet long curled up trying to defend it’s self from Pixel, who was trying to bring it to the apt.

To the horror of the neighborhood women watching, I walked up to the snake, seeing it was not a dangerous type, I picked it up…

With a snake around one arm.. and Pixel in the other, I went into apt, locking Pixel inside.. then back out to the wooded area.

and let the snake go.

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